Sunday, 5 May 2013

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Tara Wright and Dorota Kepka

In this edition of Famous Creatives Amongst Us we meet Dorota Kepka and Tara Wright  of Entrinsic. 
It was an alleged "Spring" day when Dorota Kepka and Tara Wright were uncannily and incredibly, amongst us. 

It may be hard to believe, but it was not that long ago that Old Man Winter lurked in the shadows of Spring. Just when you were all ready to put winter behind you, there he was, behind you. 


It wasn't before long that Dorota Kepka and Tara Wright had warmed the cockles of Old Man Winter's cold, cold heart. And his hat. 

What a hat.

And just like that, Old Man Winter dutifully decided to exit stage left for the season.

And if ask me, you have them to thank for the warm weather you basked in this weekend.

What powers of persuasion!
What a magnificent meteorology!
What a walking stick!

Who will be the next Famous Creatives (or two) Amongst Us!

Friday, 22 March 2013

A Mega Meta Existence

"Feiler is an uncommon name - even in Hungary," my Dad once said.

"Is it Dad? Is it??" I find myself scream crying at the internet, every so often.

My discovery of this meta facebook page either signals that I've finally made it. Or the populace still does hate Tom Feiler.

Either way, I ask the creator of this page to reveal themselves from the shadows of the internet - for I want to shake your hand.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik

In this edition of Famous Creatives Amongst Us we meet Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik of the Hive. 

It was another frosty winter's day, as winter's days go, and Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik were together and most uncannily and incredibly, amongst us!

Walking past the commonplace commotion of a coloquial construction site, Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik came upon Delroy. What joy.

Delroy's first sign of joy.

Which, as always and furthermore, lead to more joy.

Ahoy, more joy!

That joy, to everyone's surprise - including my own, turned out to be levitation. 

Levitation? Indeed.

Newtonian laws of motion clearly decree* that a body in motion will remain in motion. While holding hands with said bodies in motion will result in mutual ascension. Full stop.

Such direct directionalism!
Such traffic know-how!
Such uplifting upliftedness!

Who will be the next Famous Creatives (or two) Amongst Us!

*subject to interpretation

Monday, 11 February 2013

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Nellie Kim & Chris Hirsch

You've seen them by their lonesome. But in this edition of Famous Creatives Amongst Us we meet Nellie and Chris of John St. Together. And most incredibly, amongst us!

This frosty winter's day, the twosome, the team! Sought shelter inside a friendly lodge. A Weslodge.

While eating ceviche and discussing their love of game meats (and of course bands named after game meats), our red blooded hunters suddenly became the hunted!

Luis the waiter.

Like a bear drawn to a campsite littered with discarded Hot Rods, Luis the waiter pounced. As he held them passionately, Luis offered them pearls of wisdom, “If oysters could eat you," he said dispassionately, "they would."


Like a taxidermy pheasant chasing the afternoon sun, Luis fled. Such a display of emotion was too much for one man. But Nellie and Chris understood. Of course they did. They are, after all, two Creatives Amongst one Luis.

What a dualistic duo!
What a doublet of duplicity!
What a dyadic dyad!

Who know who will be the next Famous Creatives (or two) Amongst Us!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sharing in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Every year DDB Canada extends their generosity with an auction program called Share DDB. And this year, I extended myself and my camera skills to the folks at the Edmonton office to help them motivate clients to participate and help raise money for Hope Mission. 

Similar to what the Mayans predicted, unsuspecting children were given one cupcake to share between two of them. What resulted was unlike anything Santa would have expected. 


The event across the country proved to be a big success and I was more than merrier to help. 
Happy last day at the agency (not on earth) everyone. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Torrington, Alberta "A Hamlet of Gophers"

This summer while shooting in Calgary, I decided to steer clear of the Calgary Stampede and instead I sojourned 160 km northeast to the intimate hamlet, former village of, Torrington, Alberta. Population : 192.

My pilgrimage to Torrington was to seek out the Gopher Hole Museum. A Museum home to 44 exhibits of stuffed Gophers dressed and displayed in amusing anthropomorphic settings.

LIke this Cirque du Soleil inspired Gopher.

Clown Gopher

Or this Cirque du Soleil inspired Gopher.

Angel Gopher
Or this one.

Flower Gathering Gopher
And of course this one.

Duck Hunting Gopher

There were 44 dioramas featuring 77 gophers in countless hybrid human/gopher situational settings. And as I drove back those 160km to Calgary, towards the Stampede, I thought to myself - while I missed the thrill of the Chuck Wagon races I had witnessed visions of tiny gophers doing all the things they must have only dreamed of.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Bhavik Gajjar

In this 10th instalment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Bhavik Gajjar.
Bhavik Gajjar is a Senior Art Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo.
Bhavik Gajjar was photographed at the Richmond Rogue.

It was both a sunny and rainy day when Bhavik Gajjar was taking his mid day repast, when suddenly (!) he was queried the most famous of questions by a Richmond Rogue waitron.

"Bhavik Gajjar! How do you think of the ideas that you think of?" 

"Well dear stranger, kindly remove yourself from me and I will tell you." Bhavik Gajjar tenderly replied.

"First, you close your eyes."

"And then??"she exclaimed.

"Then you touch the top tip of your nose."

"...and follow your heart's desire?!" she demanded.

"Ideas are like windows dear waitron, through which you see out into the world and back into yourself.
Now, my wings?"

And just like that.

All existentially events were explained!
All universal enigmas unravelled!
All earth's theories became round and flat!

So serve well Richmond Rogue waitron. 
For you were amongst Bhavik Gajjar a FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US!

And now the universe asks you dear reader, who will be the next FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US?!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Meet the Future: Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen!

You've explored the admiration, the famous-ocity, the domiciles (and their respective abodes) of the CREATIVES.
You've felt the drool of the most famous CREATIVE DOGS amongst us.
It was a only matter of time before you heard the gurgle, the coo, and the sweet laughter of the future!
I am proud to introduce Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen, your inaugural FAMOUS CREATIVE BABY AMONGST US!!!

"Greetings Tom Feiler."

One can already tell that Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen has the discerning artistic taste and mindful, art director's eye of her mother Marketa Krivy. 

"Take my profile Tom Feiler for I am distracted by a dog."

A wise baby, I admired.
"But will you look at the camera?"I ask.
"No, I will not Tom Feiler." Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen imparts, "I will look at my mother because I love her."

"Looking away adds the drama you seek in this image Tom Feiler"

"What more can you tell me, wise Baby?" I admonished. 

" ... "
Like the fountain of youth run dry, she revealed no more. But as she crushed that red felt heart in her powerful baby grip, I simply knew.

"Follow your heart Tom Feiler or I'll crush it."

So much personality!
So much sweetness!
So much discerning taste and Art Direction!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Jack Neary

In this not so long over-due installment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Jack Neary.
Jack Neary is Chief Creative Officer at TBWA/Chiat Day.
Jack Neary was photographed on a warmish oven fresh day at Coffee Time.

Amongst the sweet smells of this donut deluge, Jack Neary’s very own co-workers, Joe and Walter, overwhelmed with sensory stimulations, hoisted their head baker up to the ceiling!

After Walter and Joe agreed to lower Jack Neary to the ground, Cassandra who "claimed" to be waiting for a turkey sandwich, with both lettuce AND tomato, declared her love for a certain Jack Neary.

Touched by Cassandra's love, Jack Neary was then touched by international traveller, Tsim of China.

Can one man be loved too much?

It seems so. Nonetheless, a few hyperventilated puffs later and Jack Neary was good as new. For indeed it was a vertible Baker’s Dozen of warm thoughts, muffins, donuts and alleged "turkey sandwiches."

Well done indeed Jack Neary, well done indeed.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Jane Murray

In this long over-due 8th installment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Jane Murray.
Jane Murray is a Creative Director at TBWA.
Jane Murray was photographed on a crisp nautically fresh day along the shore of Lake Ontario near a Toronto Parks work shed.

Jane Murray with her security team. Note the sunglasses.

It was a matter of minutes when Jane Murray being so close to the work shed and being a radiant beacon nay lighthouse of infectious joy brought forth Frank from inside the shed. 
Like the Siren song of Greek Mythology Frank was smitten by Jane Murray and insisted that the two be photographed together to mark their ships passing in the metaphoric night.

Frank closing his eyes to savour such tenderness shown by Jane Murray!

But that was not all!
For Jane Murray’s aura also lures non-humans to her rocks!
Murphy a ball dancing dog also joined the group.

The triangle of looks and love.

What enchanting and enchanted affection was shown and felt by all beast and man!
What grows in their garden now?!
All this in front of a work shed full of rakes and hoses to help bloom the budding admiration of Frank and Murphy!
May flowers indeed!

Who will be the next FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US!!