Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Man Behind the Tire

Lately it seems, a week doesn't go by before Canadian Tire is back in the headlines.

But who isn't a little curious about Canadian Tire? It's in our Canadian DNA.

At least it's in mine. Growing up in Welland, ON, my brother and I both worked there. My brother's true ambition however was to be a Gas Jockey. He thought the ladies would be enamored with a man who knew his way around the pump. Nowadays, who would know that feeling better than Canadian Tire CEO, Stephen Wetmore.

When I shot him for this month's Report on Business magazine, I had to know:

Who is the man behind the Tire?

ROB: How to Fix Canadian Tire

Unfortunately, I can't say he imparted much on me personally. But I do think some of these shots say more about the man than I'll ever really know.

One thing does remain clear. With all the self-service stations around town, we all have become Gas Jockeys now. Haven't we dear brother, haven't we?