Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Alan Lukatela

In this fourth instalment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Alan Lukatela.
Alan Lukatela is an Art Director at COSSETTE.


I photographed him on the north west corner of Spadina and Wellington just steps from ROOSTER in Toronto. A delightful man named Ahmed was walking along on that rather frosty day when upon learning that Alan Lukatela was a FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST HIM he became decidedly drawn to be photographed with Alan Lukatela.

The delightful man named Ahmed shook Alan Lukatela's hand. The delightful man named Ahmed looked at Alan Lukatela's face with admiration. When it was over, overwhelmed, like so many others before him, Ahmed left briskly. The moment seemed just too much for him to digest all at once.

But what an admiring look he gave!
What a handsome handshake they shared!
May the meaningful gestures and looks continue!

Who will be the next FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US?

Exhilarated by the exchange, Alan Lukatela quickly demonstrated his prowess for hanging off things. 
I now ask myself, "What can't Alan Lukatela hang off?"