Thursday, 8 March 2012

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Troy McGuinness

In this 7th installment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Troy McGuiness.
Troy McGuiness is a Creative Director at Maclaren McCann.
Troy McGuiness was photographed on a blustery day near Captain John’s Harbour Boat and Banquet Facilities.

Against the wind, Troy McGuiness boards his chair.

Against all odds, Troy McGuiness is seated.
It wasn't long before Troy McGuiness, a true and FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US, was soon discovered by parking attendant, Gutu, along the quay of Queens Quay.

Gutu and Troy McGuiness

What affection Gutu displayed!
What robust reverence Gutu admonished!
But wait!

Gutu! No!

What possible crimes had Troy McGuiness committed against you Gutu?

The answer lies deep in the consciousness of Gutu, and men alike, in how they display affection.
History shows, when overwhelmed with admiration or fondness, men have a deep latent tendency to strike. Whether it be a sock on the arm after a big win or the tug of a pigtail in the school yard, this instinct remains strong in all men. Gutu, a man, is certainly no exception.

So anchors away Gutu, I say, for you were amongst Troy McGuiness a FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US!

Who will be the next FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US! And who will strike next?