Thursday, 1 December 2011

Home is Where the Pigeons Aren't.

This is my parents’ house in Welland, Ontario.
They built it from scratch.
Although there have been some renovations throughout the 
years some things have never changed:

This box used for holding potatoes is on a ledge as you walk downstairs.

This is one out of a 100+ Bolo ties that my very sweet Aunt Stephie's husband made. Aunt Stephie is not really my Aunt. We called all adults Uncles or Aunts when I was a kid. She is sweet though.
This doorknob is 54 years old.

This phone doesn't work as the battery last for only 49 seconds. When I asked my Dad why he doesn’t throw it out he replied,

“Why? It works if you only say important things quickly!" 
This is an ashtray that has always been here although no one smokes anymore.

These plastics flowers are in the room my mother calls the "Florida Room." My dad calls it the "glorified porch."A room that's too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter although it is a good place to store Walnut Kolache.

This is a plastic owl that hangs outside to keep pigeons away.

I have never seen a Welland Pigeon but, if they exist, they will not be roosting around my parent's house in Welland.