Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Hot Little Hands

Actually, my fingers are quite long. So are my toes. But that's neither here nor there.

What is news, however, is that the new American Photography has just landed in my hot, not little, hands.

Tom Feiler's very personal copy of the latest American Photography Annual.

In a previous blog entry I had mentioned my acceptance to American Photography and how I was thrilled to be published in the company of legendary photographers like Annie Leibovitz.

So it wasn't too much of a stretch, for my imagination, that these legends would be thrilled about the news too!

Annie Leibovitz gushing to Tina Brown.

Mary Ellen Marks near tears.

Edward Burtynsky just showing off.

So, if  you ask me nicely, I’ll let you borrow my Annual and put into your, very own, hot little hot hands. Or hot big hands? Cold, skinny hands. Fat, dry hands..

That makes you feel weird.

I'll stop. Sorry.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lessons I Learned: Smooth Talking Tweens or Heeding Grandmother

My Grandmother always said, 
"Tommy, legyen óvatos a sima beszéd tizenkét éves korosztály!" 

Mary Curko heed her.

Roughly translated it means: Tommy, smooth talking 12 year wary of them.

I should have heeded my Grandmother more for recently I was asked by a rather smooth talking 
12 year old named Grace Feiler to come into her classroom and, I quote, “take a few pictures of our class.”

The “few shots” evolved into this full on production for Holy Name School and the Toronto Star’s documentary project called “For This I Give Thanks.”
Myself and a dedicated crew of six hardworking Grade 7 and 8 students shot the video seen HERE.

Lessons learned: Be cautious of smooth talking 12 year olds and listen to your Grandmothers.

(Vance Schritter was the editor who was also smooth talked by his own 12 year old.)