Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Found Lost Found: A Non-Biblical Photo Series

Like the Reverend Jesse Jackson never said, "Amidst the chaos of life, a photo is like a moment found." 

Over my still life career, I've taken many photos that have been lost amongst the others, only to be found again. Along with my recollections.  

So consider this series a collection of recollections.

Found Lost Found: Cleveland Doesn't Really Rock

A few years ago I took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio to get away and get down to the business of finally writing my short film. I’m not sure why I chose Cleveland. I only knew of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  and that it was the home of fried pickles.

So along with my laptop, I brought a cavalcade of cameras in the hopes of both writing a brilliant short film and taking brilliant shots of the city. As it turns out, the shots I liked most were ones taken only on my SX-70 while sequestered in my hotel room.

Shots that I then lost. And recently found again.

And here lies the film that was thoroughly uninspired by Cleveland, Ohio. 

In more recent events, I discovered that Cleveland is in fact NOT the home of fried pickles. Their true home? Atkins, Arkansaspopularized by Bernell "Fatman" Austin in 1963 at the Duchess Drive In. Not Cleveland, Ohio. 

The moral of this tale?  

What you found can be lost.  Then found again! 
Even fried pickles.