Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Meredith Klapowich

In this 6th installment of FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US we meet Meredith Klapowich. 

Meredith Klapowich is an Art Director at Bensimon Byrne. 
Meredith Klapowich was photographed inside and out of Le Select Bistro.

Meredith Klapowich is a FAMOUS CREATIVES AMONGST US.

On a rather cold day, the lovely Meredith Klapowich was approached not once but twice by civilians utterly compelled to acknowledge that she is a FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST THEM. First amongst them, Nancy.

Nancy is a fine and experienced member of Le Select’s wait staff. Upon learning that Meredith Klapowich is indeed a FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST HER, Nancy proceeded to ardently accept her aspiration of being photographed with the famous Meredith Klapowich.

Fearing that all was becoming too much, we escaped Le Select into the daylight. Within a heartbeat of a passing sparrow yet another civilian approached Meredith Klapowich!

His name? 
His devotion? 
He drew so daringly close to the personal proximity of Meredith Klapowich.

But who could blame Filmon! And Nancy!

What closeness they craved! 
What devotion they demonstrated! 
What dual displays of closeness and devotion were delivered!


Who will be the next FAMOUS CREATIVE AMONGST US?