Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Holy “C” word: Crèche.

A Crèche is not a cookie and has nothing to do with cherries. That’s "Kirsch" a German cherry liquor.

A Crèche is a Nativity Scene that is meant to depict the birth of Jesus. Just like in the Little Drummer Boy cartoon by Rankin/Bass.

As a kid, I would play with these figures for hours in their wooden manger underneath my parent’s Christmas tree. There was the usual gang: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, a shepherd and the Three Wisemen. Occasionally, arguments would break out amongst the Wisemen regarding who should stand closest to Mary (obviously) or who was to blame for the shepherd’s sheep straying too far. I fondly remember the feel of the cotton baton that was the snow on the roof of the manger and the delicate clinking sound the figures made if they got too close to one another, usually Mary.

In the very same holiday spirit, I wish you a Merry Christmas, abundant with joy and Kirsch.