Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Tom Feiler True Story: Danger Bay

I recently made a trip to my friend Joe's cottage.  It’s been years since I was there last and taking some new images I noticed, nothing much has changed. Which is all right by me. 

Nostalgic, it reminded me of a story that happened out on this very lake. Joe’s cottage was always a place that we looked forward to going to in high school. It meant nature, independence, some old Stock Ale and for me, a canoe trip with my friend Rudy.

These canoe trips would most often lead to us simply getting lost. But on one particular trip it lead to…danger. At this time, I think it's important to note that a Ouija board did once reveal to me that I was very close to death. 

I won’t trouble you further with all the details. But I would like to impart some very important lessons.
  1. Never cross the middle of a lake in an aluminum canoe during a thunderstorm. Even if you think it would make a shorter trip.
  2. River otters can hypnotize you if you look them in the eyes. 
  3. Finally, when you’re in the middle of the lake, during a fast approaching thunderstorm and you happen to see people are on the shore waving… never use your paddles to wave back.
The Ouija board never lies.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Photographer. Director. Babysitter.

In these ever changing times we all have to be open to reinvention in our careers. Using myself as an example, I am a photographer, a director and now a baby-sitter for famous people.

Recently, I shot Chantal Kreviazuk for her upcoming concert DVD. While Chantal was in make-up, her littlest one, Salvador Daniel was hanging on to her chair trying to spin her around (apparently this is dangerous while applying mascara). 

So I asked Sal if I could take his picture. Sal agreed, made me sign some release forms (he is barely 4). Next, Rowan the eldest came around the corner with his other brother Lucca John. So I shot them all. The shots are all very sweet, all very real and all without a touch of my signature quirk.

Kids are great to photograph. And the more I've been shooting and directing them, the more I like it! So bring me your famous people. Bring me their kids. And maybe even their dogs! But wait, that's another story for another time.