Monday, 11 June 2012

Meet the Future: Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen!

You've explored the admiration, the famous-ocity, the domiciles (and their respective abodes) of the CREATIVES.
You've felt the drool of the most famous CREATIVE DOGS amongst us.
It was a only matter of time before you heard the gurgle, the coo, and the sweet laughter of the future!
I am proud to introduce Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen, your inaugural FAMOUS CREATIVE BABY AMONGST US!!!

"Greetings Tom Feiler."

One can already tell that Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen has the discerning artistic taste and mindful, art director's eye of her mother Marketa Krivy. 

"Take my profile Tom Feiler for I am distracted by a dog."

A wise baby, I admired.
"But will you look at the camera?"I ask.
"No, I will not Tom Feiler." Kaja Rijen Krivy Hansen imparts, "I will look at my mother because I love her."

"Looking away adds the drama you seek in this image Tom Feiler"

"What more can you tell me, wise Baby?" I admonished. 

" ... "
Like the fountain of youth run dry, she revealed no more. But as she crushed that red felt heart in her powerful baby grip, I simply knew.

"Follow your heart Tom Feiler or I'll crush it."

So much personality!
So much sweetness!
So much discerning taste and Art Direction!