Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Famous Creatives Amongst Us: Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik

In this edition of Famous Creatives Amongst Us we meet Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik of the Hive. 

It was another frosty winter's day, as winter's days go, and Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik were together and most uncannily and incredibly, amongst us!

Walking past the commonplace commotion of a coloquial construction site, Klint Davies and Brad Van Schaik came upon Delroy. What joy.

Delroy's first sign of joy.

Which, as always and furthermore, lead to more joy.

Ahoy, more joy!

That joy, to everyone's surprise - including my own, turned out to be levitation. 

Levitation? Indeed.

Newtonian laws of motion clearly decree* that a body in motion will remain in motion. While holding hands with said bodies in motion will result in mutual ascension. Full stop.

Such direct directionalism!
Such traffic know-how!
Such uplifting upliftedness!

Who will be the next Famous Creatives (or two) Amongst Us!

*subject to interpretation